Calgary’s Newest Speed Skating Club!

The Grizzlies Speed Skating Club is a new organization in Calgary that focuses on both short track and long track speed skating for athletes aged 4-16 years of age.

The Grizzlies will take a key role in promoting and developing Short Track and Long Track Speed Skating on the basis of friendship and mutual understanding between the current programs already offered in the province.

We are dedicated to broadening the interest in Speed Skating with PRIDE.

Passion – Commitment to make a difference at all levels of the sport.

Respect – Believe in providing a safe, fair and fun environment for all participants.

Improvement – Innovate to continuously improve.

Drive – Pursuit of goals with absolute determination.

Excellence – Set the bar high to achieve sporting success – fairly and ethically.

Focused on the development of skaters with clear objectives and cost effective implementation, based on effective monitoring and evaluation processes that help improve performance and achieve results whether it is to continue to skate recreationally or move into the Oval Program.

Focus on Projects that can continue over an extended period of time and have continued results to increase the numbers and improve the quality of Skaters, Coaches, and Officials engaged in Speed Skating in either a recreational or competitive stream.

Teamwork and collaboration with our partners, The Olympic Oval and Canadian Sport Institute are vital in providing the expertise and facilities necessary to achieve progress and success.

Programs for 2017-2018:

For the 2017-2018 Speed Skating season the Calgary Grizzlies has the pleasure of working with an incredible team of outstanding coaches.  We will have lead coaches who are level 4 and level 2 coaches leading the programs.  There will also be a mentoring program in place, for developing coaches to be mentored by senior coaches. The coaches will create and implement Yearly Training Programs (YTP’s) for the athletes, based on need and appropriate level.

Learn to Speed Skate

This is a group that is created for those who are learning to skate for the first time.  The sessions will be once a week on the long track Sunday morning.  This group will skate on the Olympic Oval ice.

Cost: $400.00

Learn to Train

This group will consist of athletes who are competent on skates, and have experience in speed skating or skating in general.  Athletes may be varying ages, due to similar abilities on skates.  This is an important stage of development of speed skating specific skills.  Multisport participation is still important for these athletes, and it is encouraged.

They will skate 3 days a week, and sessions will take place at the Olympic Oval.  Sessions will take place Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday.

Cost: $950.00

Advanced – Competitive

This group of skaters will skate 4 days a week, and will participate in both Long Track and Short Track training tentatively Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday (subject to change).  Many of the skaters in this training group will be competiting on a national level, representing Alberta.  The skating will all take place at the Olympic Oval, and will always be preceded by a 45-minute dry land session.

In following the Elite Athlete Pathway IST requirements for Stage 1, the focus for these athletes will be Performance Foundation, movement platform and health/lifestyle/nutrition/sleep.  The training hours for these athletes will set them up for success if their next goals are Stage 2 and beyond.

Critical success factors have been identified for these athletes, including the athlete pathway, coaches, competition, sport science and medicine, and daily training environment.

These athletes will have the option of participating in a spring and summer dry land program in the off season that will include weight training, inline, cycling and running.

Cost: $1500.00

How do I get more information and how do I register?

  • For additional details on our programs and fees, please go to our website  Alternatively, you can email us at
  • For registration details, please go to our website to download a registration form, alternatively you can fax it to 403-247-3674
  • Registration opens August 14th, 2017
  • Programs begin Tuesday, September 5th, 2017

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